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Dirty Hands

About us

Movement and Music – Fascination and Passion

The members of Dirty Hands have completely devoted themselves to breakdancing. These three young dancers have known each other since 2000, and have already managed to accumulate 50 years of training between them. Every day they push their bodies to the boundaries of what is physically possible. A stage is transformed into a blank canvas, with their moves providing colour and tone, inspired by the music. Since the start of their activities, it has always been these artistes’ main concern to give something back to society utilising the originality and positive ideals of hip-hop culture, especially those found within breakdancing. They perform their programmes for various occasions, run their own Breakdance School in Baar, and hold breakdancing workshops for interested institutions. The current Dirty Hands was formed out of the earlier breakdance organisation of the same name, which helped develop local breakdancing in Zug from 2001 till 2004.

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