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Dirty Hands

Breakdance School

Breakdancing (B-Boying, etc.) is a multifaceted dance-form which developed in the Bronx, NYC in the 1970s. Along with MC’ing (rap, etc.), DJ’ing and Writing (graffiti, etc.), breakdancing is one of the four elements of hip-hop culture. It consists of bringing various different movements together: dance steps, jumps, turns, static poses, etc. The point of hip-hop culture is to express yourself, to be able to realise your creativity and to foster mutual respect for others. The aim is to take young people off the streets, and occupy them with something positive instead. [more]

The Dirty Hands Breakdance School can be found on the ground floor at Oberneuhofstrasse 1 in Baar. The Breakdance School, which has ca. 280 square meters and an altitude of more than 4 meters, offers ideal training conditions. The large parquet floor and the huge mirrors provide plenty of room to dance and rehearse choreographies. The built-in gymnastics floor is the only one of its kind, which is permanently installed, within a radius of 30 kilometers and is perfect for somersaults. In addition, a 6 x 7 meters mat area, fitted with PVC-coating, has been set up. This surface is unmatched when it comes to practicing the characteristical acrobatic moves of  breakdancing. The infrastructure also includes several trampolines, including a giant trampoline with almost 5 meters in diameter. The couch in the entrance area, which has been adorned with a big graffiti, invites to linger, while a screen above the reception counter steadily shows current breakdance-videos.

A free “taster lesson” is always possible, however please call first to make an appointment! (Tel. 0041 (0)79 411 04 05). Private lessons can be arranged.

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